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The cruise route

Welcome on the board of Oloboat Kordulka, together, we sail through the most interesting part of the Morava river. At the departure from the dock, there will be muscled canoeists on the right side, for sure a cute duck family on the left side. While sailing we see the buildings of an ancient monastery Klášterní Hradisko just in front of us and the Saint Guy Cathedral, orthodox church of Saint Gorazd and the evangelic Czech Brethren Church behind us. Surprised passers-by often wave and smile from the shore. Meanwhile, the customers of the restaurant “Na Letné” used to see the boat to pass by, only slightly lift their pints to say hello. The cruising boat attracts attention of people in its surroundings.

Once the ropes are untied, the boat sails against the Morava river flow and goes across the historical city of Olomouc. Forty-five minutes long cruise will lead us to the ancient monastery Klášterní Hradisko, where the boat turns and returns back to the dock. During the cruise, the captain tells catchy stories about the city's history, its monuments, and curiosities about the Morava river.

As the flood protection system is being prepared, this year is the last chance to see the historical stony part of the river - basin between the bridge of Komenský and the Masaryk avenue. We can show you the place where the biggest sheatfish of Moravia was caught. If you listen carefully, you will learn why the water of the Morava river is slightly black in colour.

During the cruise, you will live many other experiences. As we want to keep some secrets for you, we rather invite you on board. We will be lucky to welcome you here.